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Why do I need Nepal Directories?

Nepal Directories offers increased exposure and credibility for businesses. Small business owners facing challenges in creating their own websites can rely on Nepal Directories to provide a powerful landing page, empowering them to effectively manage their business and reach a wider audience.

How to open an account?

To begin your journey with, simply visit the website and select the “Login or Register” option to access the registration page. Enter your required details and complete the process by clicking the “Sign Up” button to unlock the full potential of our platform.

How to Login

Access the portal by clicking on the “Login” option within the “Register or Login” section. Enter your username and password to securely log in to Nepal Directories and explore our comprehensive range of business listings and services.

How to add listing?

Upon logging in to Nepal Directories, access the + Add Listing button located in the top right corner. Choose your preferred plan, input your business details, and complete the necessary payment to showcase your business to a wider audience. OR Upon logging in to Nepal Directories, navigate to your dashboard and select the “Submit Listing” button. Choose your preferred plan, input your business details, and proceed to submit your listing. For paid plans, ensure timely payment to maintain uninterrupted access to your listing features and benefits.

What is Featured listing?

Upgrade to a Featured listing to unlock exclusive benefits and elevate your business’s visibility. Enjoy premium features such as Contact Owner, Business Hours, additional images, Booking functionality, and a distinctive Claim badge, setting your business apart from regular listings.

What is Premium listing?

Opt for the Premium listing to access every feature available on Nepal Directories, along with additional benefits such as FAQ and Live Chat functionality, enhancing your business’s presence and engagement with potential customers.

When should I renew my listing?

To maintain your business listing’s visibility and benefits, annual renewal is required, with payment being prepaid for your convenience.

What happens when I don't renew my listing?

Your business listing will be a regular listing and you'll loose all the Featured and Premium features based on your previous plan.

Do I get a VAT bill?

Yes, you'll receive a VAT bill upon successful payment..

Do I need to pay extra VAT?

The amount listed for Featured and Premium listings are inclusive of VAT and you don't need to pay additional VAT amount other than the mentioned amount.

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